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Indianapolis, IN 46278
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Turning Plastic Scrap

       Into Usable PlasticTM

Butler-MacDonald offers plastic recycling services that enable the recovery of high-quality polymers from plastics or parts that most companies would consider unusable. We take plastic that has been contaminated, poorly recycled or scrapped, and deliver polymers that can be manufactured into a wide variety of applications.

Whether we recycle your waste plastic or provide you with high-quality polymer extracted from other plastic sources, using Butler-MacDonald is far less costly than starting every production run with a batch of new resin.

In addition to improving your bottom line, you can also build a reputation as a steward of the environment by using reclaimed plastics to manufacture new products. Butler-MacDonald can help you meet corporate environmental initiatives through a variety of plastics separation, recycling and destruction services.

More than 3.5 billion pounds of material have been processed through our facility in the past 40 years!

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