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Turning Plastic Scrap
Into Usable PlasticTM - About Butler-MacDonald

About Butler-MacDonald


Butler-MacDonald operates as a service oriented company providing plastic recycling services that will increase the value of the scrap material companies produce or have opportunities to acquire. We are always




Companies that utilize the Butler-MacDonald plastic recycling service enjoy the comfort of knowing they are working with a company that has the experience to solve their plastic recycling needs.  The advantage you gain by using Butler-MacDonald’s is an ability to tap in to the breadth of knowledge the company has earned over many decades of providing plastic separation services using almost every type of plastic separation equipment.


Butler-MacDonald enjoys a reputation for providing the highest quality and purity obtainable through our recycling efforts. But there is also a new Butler-MacDonald emerging that can also address value based recycling to those where utmost purity is not the driving factor and source materials to fit production requirements. Either way we guarantee our service. If we have failed to meet the commitments of our written quotation, we will reperform the service for free.  In cases where the separation simply cannot be done, you pay nothing.


Butler-MacDonald works with buyers of plastics, manufacturers, plastics brokers/recyclers and prime resin producers to recover plastic coming from pre-consumer - or post-production plastics and finished products. This includes helping organizations:

  • Reduce production costs by recovering plastic from a multitude of different streams
  • Maintain market share by reclaiming plastic value from expired or sub-standard end products
  • Comply with environmental missions through plastic recycling initiatives
  • Create revenue by recovering valuable plastic to a form suitable for manufacturing or sale.

Founded in 1983, Butler-MacDonald is privately held and headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. To learn more about the company, its proprietary processes, security measures or the vast industries it serves, contact us for additional information.

Our plastic separation solutions are used in a wide variety of applications. Click here to read more about the industries we serve.