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Turning Plastic Scrap
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Automotive Intake Manifolds Nylon (PA) Recovered - Metal Free/Gasket Free

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  • Automotive Intake Manifolds Nylon (PA) Recovered - Metal Free/Gasket Free
Automotive Intake Manifolds Nylon (PA) Recovered - Metal Free/Gasket Free


Problem / Opportunity:
Automotive intake manifolds made of 30% GF nylon were being sold by a Tier 1 supplier to another recycler as unusable plastic scrap because they had ferrous and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metal inserts. Because they had been through the initial phases of manufacturing, they also had rubber gaskets attached to the housings. Sending the scrap parts to a landfill did not fit the enviromental profile for this Tier1 manufacturer. Export was considered but would have returned minimal value. Additionally, as a domestic manufacturer, exporting their scrap could have led to negative press if made public. Selling their scrap manifolds domestically made the most sense but it returned minimal value for the scrap. In the end, they chose to sell the manifolds.

The buyer then contacted Butler MacDonald to turn the plastic scrap into usable plastic - remove the metal, gasket material and recover usable GF nylon resin.


With a long standing history of processing GF Nylon parts and assemblies, many with other polymer attachments, ferrous and nonferrous metals entombed and attached, Butler-MacDonald was able to process the manifolds and liberate the metal inserts and rubber gaskets. When complete, we recovered the 30% GF nylon regrind and make it metal free, which greatly enhanced the value of the GF Nylon.


Benefit to the Customer:
Our customer is now able to close-loop the recovered GF nylon back into new manifolds at the originating Tier 1 customer. Alternatively, they can also sell the recovered GF nylon into alternative markets. An 80% yield of usable GF nylon was recovered from the previously “unusable” plastic scrap.

Several other plastic based automotive parts that have other polymers, metals and other attachments can yield good clean plastic through the techniques Butler MacDonald has available to turn plastic scrap into usable plastic.

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