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Turning Plastic Scrap
Into Usable PlasticTM - Case Studies

Contaminated PET Pellets: PVC Commingled

Contaminated PET Pellets: PVC Commingled


Problem / Opportunity:
A multinational custom compounder had four truck loads of black PVC pellets that had been contaminated with white PET pellets (pepper and salt). Had it all been PVC, they would color over the white with the black. But in this case, the white was PET.


A sister plant referred the Plant Manager to Butler MacDonald. Butler MacDonald was a corporate approved vendor. Butler MacDonald can retain the physical properties of the PVC resin.


Benefit to the Customer:
Without adding any form of heat history to the material - or otherwise degrade the PVC, Butler MacDonald was able to return to the compounder 97% of the material so they can use it at 100% concentrations in a black application. In addition, Butler MacDonald returned the white PET rejects so the company could investigate the cause of the contamination.