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EVA Lined Closures: Commingled Polymer Contaminant

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  • EVA Lined Closures; Commingled Polymer Contaminant
EVA Lined Closures: Commingled Polymer Contaminant


Problem / Opportunity:
A closure manufacturer was not able to reuse scrap closures because of the EVA lining that is adhered to the interior of the cap. In an effort to reuse some of the material, the manufacturer had a company grind and repelletize the EVA lined closures but found the residual EVA caused failure in the white application.


Butler-MacDonald worked with the closure manufacturer to define an acceptable purity. After the purity was established, Butler-MacDonald performed a risk free; no charge trial to prove the recyclability of the EVA lined closures. The manufacturer was already sending Butler-MacDonald foil lined closures so they put the sample boxes of EVA lined closures on the next truck.


Benefit to the Customer:
By using our other proprietary methods prior to any attempts to extrude or do melt filtering, we were able to pelletize the polymer, eliminate the EVA and create the quality required.The closure manufacturer is now able to reclaim the EVA lined PP & PE closures into a white application. Prior to this success, the closures were sold at a avery low value compared to the prime resin the reprocessed material now replaces.

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