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Silo Contamination Ground Spill: (Natural Mixed With White PET)

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  • Silo Contamination Ground Spill; (Natural Mixed With White PET)
Silo Contamination Ground Spill: (Natural Mixed With White PET)


Problem / Opportunity:
A bottle manufacturer accidentally dumped virgin white PET pellets & regrind on top of natural virgin PET pellets & regrind. To further complicate matters, when they drained the silo a portion of the material spilled on the railroad tracks. Color sorting the white PET from the clear PET would make it very difficult to get a good yield. But when you add in the dust, dirt, rocks, wood and other possible debris, the material could have been a total loss. The photo above shows how dirty the material was when received.


Butler MacDonald worked with the bottle manufacturer to define acceptable purities. A service quotation was created with a specific yield and purity - a guarantee of performance. The customer did their research and found that Butler MacDonald stands behind their quotation and guarantee of performance and entrusted Butler MacDonald to do the work.


Benefit to the Customer:
Butler MacDonald was able to recover both the natural and the white PET pellets. The bottle manufacturer salvage a combined 94% yield of prime resin and was able to use the material back into the original applications.

When you think of the alternatives and losses that could have occurred - it just makes sense to use Butler MacDonald - Call us.