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Silo Mix PET & PE Bulk Truck Errors

Silo Mix PET & PE Bulk Truck Errors


Problem / Opportunity:
Receiving material in bulk is a great way to save on material handling and get good buys on material. Unfortunately, at some point its likely that the truck will hookup to the wrong point and then if your plant is like this one, where they run two incompatible materials, you will have a problem.


Solution for Customer:
Butler-MacDonald received a small sample and provided a quick and less expensive alternative to purchasing replacement prime resin. We were able to separate these two materials to purity that meets manufacturing requirements.


We do work for bulk haulers, scrap buyers and those that consume the material. Which option you choose to rectify the problem will be dependant upon what the cause was for the unintentional mixing of the polymers. Either way, the impact on not being able to access the silo or material can be very costly in productivity and reputation if the plant cannot meet the deadlines. In this case, they needed the silo to receive replacement material and Butler-MacDonald not only allowed them to recapture the silo, but we also recaptured the material.

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