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Turning Plastic Scrap
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Window Profiles & Lineals: Metal & Mixed Plastic Are Not An Issue

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  • Window Profiles & Lineals: Metal & Mixed Plastic Are Not An Issue
Window Profiles & Lineals: Metal & Mixed Plastic Are Not An Issue


Problem / Opportunity:
Window manufacturers produce scrap cutoffs and other rejects from the manufacturing of their PVC window products. The window parts can contain locks, handles, springs, weather stripping and other polymers such as nylon and PP. While some manufacturers and other recyclers will grind the material as is, they cannot recover all the PVC due to the metal. Moreover, the metal content when substantial, can cause catastrophic failure of the machinery used to shred or grind the material.


Impact on Customer:
This customer wanted to recover usable PVC from unsorted scrap rather than take on costly manual labor costs of sorting the material to insure cutoffs are substantially metalfree prior to granulation. But if they missed one piece of metal, they could damage the equipment. Other options included selling the material very cheaply or with disposal costs estimated at $.03-$.05/lb incur considerable cost to dispose of the material. PVC cutoffs and window scrap in this form have little to no market value.

Then they found Butler-MacDonald.


Butler-MacDonald’s Solution:
We can accept the cutoffs in almost any form – unsorted and contaminated. Scrap cutoffs are  processed to remove all metal and go through a color sort to create either an all white fraction, mixed light color fraction, a mixed dark color fraction and processed into a form that the customer can use into new window products or sell at higher prices into alternative markets.


By using Butler-MacDonald, like this customer, your PVC scrap with metal can now be processed to a high purity and be used as a replacement for higher priced virgin PVC. The resin recovered is free of metal and exceeds 99.98% purity. And if desired, we can take it to an all white state.

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