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Our Sample Evaluation Process:

One of the first things you will be asked when working with Butler-MacDonald is to send us a representative sample of the problem you are encountering. This step is a good thing for you and protects you from exposure to costs you might otherwise incur.


Why This Is A Good Thing:

Having performed in excess of 500 million pounds of plastic and metal separations gives us a unique insight on what can and cannot be done. With the different polymer combinations we encounter each year, each instance is treated as unique. Our innovative and time-tested analytical capabilities enable us to tackle the tough problems you face and provide a customized solution that fits your unique needs.

You want to know if we can give you a product that will satisfy your requirements – and so do we.


With That Experience Why Do You Need A Sample?

Time and money is valuable to our customers.  Because our guarantee puts you at almost zero risk on the money portion, we want to be certain our services to result in added value.  In essence, we want to make sure we can perform in a way that meets or exceeds your expectations. Given the high cost of freight and understanding that in many cases our customers have not actually seen or taken possession of the material they want to send, the sample evaluation process enables us to discuss the extent of the problem in ways you may not have thought.


What Size Sample Do You Want?

For you to receive the most value from the process, a sample needs to be representative. What’s most important is to make sure the contaminant(s) you want removed are present in what you send.

If a whole part, assembly, coils of tubing, bales, large sheet stock or large purging, a few representative pictures coupled with a very detailed description of the problem may be all that’s required. Upon receipt and review we will then guide you on what else (if anything) you may be required to send.


On lots of loose material such as pellet, regrind or shred, where the amount to be separated is between 20,000 to 80,000 pounds, we ask that you identify containers or stored amounts where you know the contaminant is present in high concentrations. Then probe or dig down into 5 boxes at random and get 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) of material from each container. Mix these 5 samples together real well and send us at least a quarter of the amount you have accumulated.  An initial sample amount of 6 lbs. (3kg) is ideal. If the total amount of material to be worked is larger than 80,000 lbs., we suggest you proportionately increase the number of containers you sample and the amount of material you send. 


What Happens Next?

The lab enables us to quickly perform an analysis to determine if the problem can be solved or in very few instances, if it cannot. With the result of the sample analysis known, the lab meets with the production, scheduling and sales teams to discuss the opportunity.
With your sales representative acting as your advocate, the pricing team evaluates various production scenarios that take into account the amount of material you are sending, its form upon receipt (i.e. pellet, regrind, bales, etc.), how it will be packaged upon receipt, target purity required, the form you want when you receive the material back, how you want it packaged upon its return and the potential for the business to be repeated. Once these factors are evaluated, one or more prices are derived and you will be presented the numbers and opportunities by your sales advocate – usually within 24 hours of having received the sample. A written quote and guarantee of performance will follow for your signature.


When Can I ship The Material?

For current and credit approved customers, you may schedule the shipment with our receiving department upon acceptance of the written quotation. Scheduling the shipment in advance insures that your truck does not incur additional wait time or demerge charges.


For new customers, prior to or upon your acceptance of the quotation, you will be sent a form asking for trade references that will enable us to evaluate your credit history. Our credit department will then contact the trades you have provided for references and credit worthiness – this can be accomplished in 24 hours except in instances where the references you gave are not cooperative or responsive. Once approved, you will then be contacted to schedule the shipments through our receiving department.


How Long Does All This Take?

In almost all cases the entire process takes from the time your sample arrives about 24 hours.


How Do I Proceed With The Sample Evaluation?

Fill out the online sample evaluation form (see link at bottom of page).


How Does Butler MacDonald Verify Their Performance Commitment?

Our lab identifies individual polymers and contaminants in your material and creates the process protocols that return to you material that conforms to the quotation expectations. Lab technicians follow your material through each step of the process, testing outputs and assuring results. Every container of material generated is subject to a 3 point and multi-level probe sample process that time has proven will result in an accurate representation of the condition and purity of the final product we have produced. That means if 80 containers are generated, there will be 80 such samples taken. We DO NOT just grab material for one or two choice boxes and use that result. You can be assured the best practices are maintained and the best representation is achieved. For each sample taken a sample retain is maintained in our lab storage facility for 90 days as a reference should your material be found to be suspect.


What If There Is A Problem Or We Think There Are Problems With The Material Produced?

The first step is to provide a picture of container labels with the lot number & container number for each that is suspect of a problem.  In addition we will want a picture of each suspect container from the outside that clearly shows the top and inside of the container. We may also ask for a sample of the material that you think is non-conforming to the original quotation. With this information sample retains will be checked to see if something was missed that the quotation stipulated should have been addressed through our process. If it is found that the material does not conform to the quotation and it is a result of Butler MacDonald’s failure to perform – we will have you ship the entire load(s) back to us to reperform the service at no additional costs to you.


Click here to arrange for a lab sample test.