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Turning Plastic Scrap
Into Usable PlasticTM - Forms of Plastic Accepted

Forms of Plastic Accepted


A frequent question is - can you handle my plastic and in "what" form?


Literally close to a billion pounds of material have passed through the doors of Butler-MacDonald since 1983 and wtih it came the knowledge required to clean and separate plastic - in any number of forms. Here are a few of the forms we can accept to get you thinking:


A - C

D - I

J - P

Q - Z

ABA Layered Dairy & Egg Crates Junk Regrind Recycled Resins
Ag Trays Dairy Pallets Kayak Regrind With Labels
Agricultural Crates RPCs Dashboards Label Regrind Rejects
Agricultural Scrap Defective Parts Label Scrap Rejected Plastic
Aluminum Contaminated Demetallized Laser Cartridge Plastic Remanufacturing
Aluminum Foil Contaminated Dirty Plastic Lids Repro
Appliances Shells Dirty Regrind Line Scrap Reprocessed Pellets
Automotive Trim Discolored Resin Lineals Reusable Produce Bin
Bad Regrind Dismantled Lined Caps Reusable Totes
Bad Run Door Panels Lined Closures Reverse Logistics
Bakery Dollies Drip Hose Litter Containers Rigid Plastics
Bakery Trays Drip Line Lumber Plastic Rocks In Plastic
Baled Drip Tool Mail Bins Rotomolded Parts
Barrier Resin Drool Mail Containers Rotomolding
Base Resin Dunnage Manifolds Rubber Contaminated
Beverage Crates Egg Crates Marginal Plastic Runners
Bio Resins Electronics Meat Crates Soda Crates
Black Specks Electronic Housings Medical Components Scrap
Blend or Blended Emitter Tubing Medical Syringes Scrap Cutoffs
Blister Pack End of Life Plastic Melt Stream Shavings
Blobs Engineered Resins Melt-Filter Sheet
Blow Mold EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Metal Outs Shred
Bottles EVA Lined Caps Metal Rejects Siding
Bottle Towers EVA Lined Closures Metal Removal Signage
Buckets Extruded Parts Metalized Silicone
Bulk Bottle Extrusions Mixed Polymers Silicone Rubber
Bumper Fascia Mixed Resin Silo Contamination
Burial Vault Liners FDA Multilayer Ski Boots
Burn Inclusions Fence Non-Ferrous Skeletons
Burn Removal Flake Nursery Containers Sorted
Canoe Floor Scrap Nylon Barrier Snow Boards
Caps Floor Sweepings Nylon Liner Snow Boots
Carbon Fiber Filled Resin Floor Sweeps Obsolete Material Spouts
Cartriges Fly Contaminated Off-Spec Sprues
Clamshell Pack Foam Over Mold Sprues and Runners
Closures Foil Contamination Packaging Start Up Scrap
Coatings Foil Lined Caps Pails & Covers Strapping
Coextruded Foil Lined Closures Pallet Bins Steel Frame Pallet
Cold Runners Frac Melt Pallets With Fiberglass Substrate
Cold Shots Fused Plastic Pallets With Metal Thermoform
Collapsible Crates Garbage Cans Pallets Toner Bottles
Color Change Glass Filled Parts Panels Totes
Colorant Removal Grind Paper Towers
Commingled Plastics Ground Spill Paper Lined Caps TPO Skin
Components Horticulture Paper Lined Closures Trim Scrap
Composites Horticulture Trays Pellet Tubings
Compounded Hot Runners Pill Bottles Tubs
Compression Scrap Housings Pipe Under The Hood Plastic
Construction Scrap IML (In Mold Label) Pipe Fittings Unsorted
Containing Ferrous Imaging Products Plant Scrap Virgin
Contaminated Plastics Impacted Modified Plastic Plastic Dust Water Bottles
Contaminated Regrind In Mold Label Plastic Lumber Water Skies
Contaminated Resin Injection Scrap Plastic Pallets Waste Bins
Contaminated With Foil Insect Contaminated Plastic Profile Waste To Energy
Contaminated With Metal Insert Mold Plastic Waste Weather Stripping
Contaminated With Wood Instrument Panels Plastic With Dirt Wet
Controlled Ground Spill Irrigation Plastic With Foil Wide-Spec
Crates & Containers Irrigation Tubing Plastic Valves Window Lineals
Cross-Contaminated   Plug Trays Window Profile
    Post-Consumer Wire Trailings
    Post-Industrial With Dust
    Preforms With Fines
    Prime Wood Removal
    Printed Zip Ties
    Pulp Contamination  
    Punch Outs