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Turning Plastic Scrap
Into Usable PlasticTM - Services Performed

Polymer Separation

We can separate plastics from pellets, parts or regrind that have been accidentally mixed together, including plastics of different polymers.
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Color Separation

We can separate plastics of different colors (from batch blends, silos, containers, bulk transport and manufacturing processes) and deliver usable polymers back to you.
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Metal Separation

When rejects or scrap contain a combination of metal and plastics we can perform separation procedures that achieve high levels of purity allowing for maximum recycling or reprocessing value.
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Contaminant Removal

We can separate contaminants (dirt, wood, gravel, metal, paper, etc.) from plastic pellets, parts or regrind that are of different polymers and/or colors.
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Whole Part and Assembly Recovery

Scrap parts and assemblies often consists of a variety of plastics and metals which makes recycling them a real problem.
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Aspiration is a process that uses air to separate dissimilar materials of different weight or to remove dust, fines and small particles from regrind or pelletized materials.
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We can take regrind material and process it into pellets suitable for reintroduction to your manufacturing process using advanced filtration techniques coupled with other separation processes makes it possible to remove paper and wood and remove the burnt smell.
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End of Life Plastics - Consumer Returns

If you have complex consumer returns or packaging, such as empty laser toner cartidges, buckets, drums, totes, dunnage trays, agricultural trays, coat hangers and many other products, we can reclaim plastic from them which can be reintroduced into your process or sold for higher value.
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